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Day Care
6 months - 24 months

Half day

Welcome to our crèche and day care! Our dedicated team of caregivers is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for your child. 

Our facilities include age-appropriate play areas, library and outdoor spaces for exploration and exercise.


We also provide a nutritious and balanced diet to support your child's growth and development.

Our approach is play-based, with a focus on learning through exploration, socialization, and fun activities.

Our goal is to give your child the best possible start in life and provide peace of mind for you, knowing your child is in good hands.


2–3 years old (half day)
3–4 years old (full day)
Reception (full day)

Friendly Circle

Our curriculum is based on the current British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). 


Seven areas of learning and development


 including three prime areas: communication and language, physical development, and personal, social and emotional development; and four specific areas: literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive arts and design.

The EYFS emphasizes the importance of play-based learning, observation, assessment, and planning to support children's development and progression.


It also requires close partnership working between parents and early years practitioners to ensure each child receives high-quality care and education.

At the end of the EYFS, children are assessed against the Early Learning Goals in the seven areas of learning and development. This provides a snapshot of their progress and achievements, and ensures that they are ready to move onto Year 1 with the necessary skills and confidence to succeed.


Year1 & 2 - Key Stage 1 (5-7 years)

Year 3 & 4 - Key Stage 2 (7-9 years)

Year 5 & 6 - Key Stage 3 (9–11 years)

Full Day 


Learning is more formal and structured, however the humour and warm relations that the children were introduced to in Reception class only continue to grow as we support them to realize their potential. We have high expectations for the children to achieve their best and celebrate success in our weekly assembly.

A strong focus continues to be placed on Literacy and Numeracy, with the children building and developing confidence in these core subjects. While the majority of the children’s teaching is with their Class Teacher, they also have the benefit of specialist teachers in P.E, Music, Drama, Art and French. Teachers are committed to nurturing not only the talents that are already apparent, but the potential of every child, and focus on discovering each child’s unique interests, strengths and areas for development.

Extra Curricular Activities

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-21 at 11.42_edited.jpg

We integrate IT, Swimming, Science, and P.E in our weekly timetable. 

School trips and informative talks really helps enhance this very curious students.

Children have the opportunity to enrol in extra

curricular activities based at school during school hours. 

There are a variety of programs to choose from, such as:

  • Golf

  • Tennis

  • Football

  • Ballet


  • Squeeky Clean Club

  • Baby Einstiens

  • Horse Riding

We are continuously adding more activities

as interest grows. 

Pastoral Care

In a kindergarten setting, pastoral care is essential for supporting the emotional, social, and physical development of young children. The aim of pastoral care in nursery is to create a safe, nurturing environment that promotes the well-being of every child.

Nursery practitioners are trained to provide personalized pastoral care to each child, taking into account their unique needs and characteristics. They create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where children feel valued and respected, and build positive relationships with each child and their families.

Practitioners provide a range of activities that promote socialization, problem-solving, and communication, such as circle time, storytelling, and free play. They also monitor each child's progress and well-being through regular observations and assessments, and provide support where necessary.

Nursery pastoral care also involves working closely with parents and caregivers to support the child's development and address any concerns or challenges. Practitioners may provide information on child development, offer guidance on parenting and behavior management, and connect families with community resources as needed.

Overall, pastoral care in nursery is a crucial part of providing a high-quality early years education. By creating a nurturing and supportive environment, practitioners can help each child to develop the social, emotional, and cognitive skills they need for a successful start in life.

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